Company Profile

The spirit of Jp Cubic



Creative superstars who evolve from the continual challenges

What is to be done right now to fulfill our ideals?
Only those who abandon what is considered to be common knowledge and challenge to alter ideas can push past the limits.
We attribute our work style to our strength of being the one and only and the talent to create the best value.
The professionals at Jp Cubic, due to personal reasons, will continue our evolution.

Company Profile

社 名
Jp Cubic Co., Ltd.
1-88 Honnogahara, Toyokawa-shi, Aichi 442-0005
代 表
Masahiko Ito, President
設 立
May, 2005
0533-22-7575 / 0533-22-7676
12.5 Million JPY
20 Employees *Current as of October 1, 2023
Business Alliances: Japan - 2 Companies, Thailand - 1 Company, Malaysia - 1 Company

Outline of Business


  • ◆ Prototypes [Working prototypes, design prototypes]
  • ◆ Gears [Spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, internal gears, crown gears, timing belt pulleys, worms, racks]
  • ◆ Special processing [Ultraprecision, supermirror surface products, polymerization bonding]
  • ◆ Mass production machining
  • ◆ Modeling [Stereolithography (ABS-like, PP-like), fused deposition modeling (nylon and glass-filled nylon), silicone modeling, acrylic modeling, stereolithography, vacuum casting]
  • ◆ Additional processing


  • ◆ Dies (For prototypes and mass production)
  • ◆ Thomson dies
  • ◆ Aluminum die casting
  • ◆ Molding (For prototypes, mass production, material simulations)


  • ◆ Various metal components (For prototypes and mass production)
  • ◆ Electrodes and die components
  • ◆ Etching
  • ◆ Pressing components (For prototypes and mass production)


  • ◆ Designing and manufacture of equipment
  • ◆ Designing and manufacture of jigs and inspection tools
  • ◆ Measurement services
  • ◆ Ultrasonic welding
  • ◆ Post-processing (Painting, printing, surface treatment, clarity/transparency treatment, etc.)
From the nearest interchange
Approx. 1.5 km from Toyokawa Interchange,
around 5 minutes by car
From the nearest station
Approx. 2 km from Mikawa-Ichinonimya Station,
around 27 minutes on foot
From the nearest bus station
Approx. 565 m from Honnohara bus stop,
around 8 minutes on foot
  • Product art
  • nano Lab
  • Technical lab